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Leading platforms that can help remote teams for better communication

The remote work landscape is exponentially growing!
There is an increased willingness among organizations to embrace remote work and it is undoubtedly true that employees are also preferring to switch to remote modes of working.
The virtual work sector is expanding, but this expansion should coincide with awareness, that meeting the requirements and needs of remote work is critical.
As we shift our attention away from the fundamental aspects of remote work and focus more on productivity, functionality, and diversity within the online work culture we may have to start contemplating the tools and technologies that are the life force of remote work.
Bridging the virtual gap is indeed a matter of concern for remote teams, and thousands of applications are available to help you bridge this unfathomable gap between your team members in a highly productive way.
Let us delve into a variety of tools and technologies that empower remote teams to thrive in the virtual world.
Various solutions that support remote teams:
Video Conferencing Platforms
The leading platforms of remote work culture Google Meet, microsoft teams, and Zoom are irreplaceable and are akin to the mainstream virtual world. Connect and collaborate with team members, attend weekly meetings, and share new ideas and insights all are possible with the high-end features of these platforms.
Real-time messaging Apps
Leghthy email threads may consume a lot of productive time and effort, but there are better professional alternatives in the market, such as Telegram and Microsoft Teams, slack, all of which act as perfect instant messaging apps to connect with team members in the virtual era.
Collaborative Document Editing platforms
Would like to foster an environment of smooth virtual operation for the company?
Notion and Google Workspace have all the features that facilitate and collaborate work and document editing, they provide a one-place solution and are easily accessible too.
Project Management Platforms
Making teams aligned to the collective vision of the company is indeed helpful and project management platforms help with achieving this goal
Multiple tools like Trello, Asana, and Jira help teams organize tasks, track progress, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding project timelines and goals.
Time Tracking Softwares
Harvest, Toggl, and Clockify assist in monitoring work hours, ensuring accurate time management, and aiding in project budgeting.
Kanban Boards
Kanban-style tools, such as KanbanFlow and MeisterTask, visualize workflow and make it easier for teams to prioritize tasks and easily monitor project status
Collaboration Platforms to help for Team Connectivity
Virtual Whiteboards
Virtual whiteboards are tools that can be used to create a collaborative environment for teams and individuals to brainstorm ideas, sketch, and work on projects in real time.
Miro and MURAL are virtual whiteboards that enable teams to facilitate and brainstorm ideas in the digital world.
Platforms for File Sharing and Storage
Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive provide secure and accessible cloud storage solutions for seamless file sharing and collaboration.
Confluence is a powerful tool that serves as a digital knowledge base, allowing teams to create and share documentation, policies, and important information.
Employee Well-being Tools
Several online tools are aiding employees in navigating the remote work environment. There are virtual tools like Headspace and Calm that offer meditation exercises and mindfulness practices to remote workers, aiding the mental well-being of remote workers.
Platforms for employee engagement
15five and TINYpulse help gather teams and organizations to maintain a sense of community among team members.
5 best tools in the market to do various functions in a remote work landscape
Base Camp
Offering a simplified functionality and elegant design Basecamp is a project management tool that helps in managing projects and makes communications within the team easy.
Remote teams can use Basecamp to work on collaborative projects, make new project plans, chat with team members, and do many more activities through Basecamp.
Basecamp has an extensive array of features and tools and is very helpful to remote teams.
Slack is a messaging tool that is everyone’s favorite. From providing seamless communication to having a vast digital environment slack makes sure the communication among the team members is productive every day.Slack is an online tool that consolidates all team communication into a single platform and is easily accessible from everywhere around the world.
Slack serves as a collaborative space for the team to connect ensuring efficient workflow for the team. Slack messaging is a highly beneficial tool for remote teams, simplifying employee management easily while working from different locations.
Would like to visually plan your projects and schedule them with no hassle? Instagantt is powerful management software and helps create visually appealing illustrations of projects.
Instagantt is a highly useful software and it assists in truly understanding the progress of work in a single glance, by providing the team with a quick way to get a complete overview of what steps need to take to complete tasks.
Teamwork is an all-in-one solution to several tools in the market. Better team cooperation while working from home is what teamwork has to offer to its subscribers. The tool takes care of all technicalities that may arise while ensuring the smooth working of the project.
Notion allows you to customize the way you work and streamlines all of your work-related activities into a simplified format. The notion can help you with task management project management and note-taking in a productive way
In the complex dynamics of remote work, a diverse number of tools are available, and crafting a perfect remote work toolkit has a lot to do with the needs and dynamics of your organization.
The right set of tools makes all the difference in remote workspaces. Whether your company is leaning towards a remote work approach or wants to hire a freelancer for remote work we can help you with that in a highly professional way.
We make remote hiring easy and assist job seekers in finding worldwide remote jobs.Register with us and submit your requirements if you are hiring for remote positions.
We can also help you by providing better information on the most suitable remote tool kit that may help you in your remote hiring journey .connect with VFTalent anytime.


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